Quilt Galaxy of Change Crochet (Free Patterns)

Changing galaxy quilting are woven crochet used to decorate beds and heat their users. These pieces define the aesthetics of a quarter of Tom, as they are all about the bed, which is usually the most striking of the room. Crochet quilt are also known as patch have various thicknesses, sizes, colors and different styles. If you want a single piece, which demonstrate your own taste, a lot of sewing experience. Just follow the steps below. Decide what kind of quilt and the size you want to do. A quilt or a duvet? The difference is in the thickness and size of the play. A traditional bedspread is large enough to cover the entire bed and reach the ground; Your thickness is median. Quilts are thicker bedspreads and cover only the mattress, not reaching the ground.

I’ve always crocheted but possible. Started when I was 8 years old and my first crochet was a blue skirt. It was my grandmother’s pride saying that the eight-year-old granddaughter made a crochet skirt alone.

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All of a sudden, you want to crochet. I’m inventing things to learn to do (remember the heart?) And I don’t know how to work with charts. Or I can see making or invention of the head. Well… and that’s when I decided to make a galaxy-change quilt of crochet for me. I did two squares and posted on the Internet asking for opinion. And the colours I chose were those. Almost neutral because my room has enough color, so I chose the predominant colors of the room to make the bedspread. And it would look great if I put all the colors in the same square, but I don’t like it and I don’t have the patience to keep moving the line.


But these days my sister told me that women of their condo are crochet square (square) crochet to make quilts for needy people. Watch the Brainstorm. Each mesh a square of color and model that you want, but all of the same size, previously agreed between them. In your free time, each does as much as I can crochet. In the end, they gather together, join these squares and make a quilt to donate to needy families.

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