Peacock embroidery Designs Pattern Free

Today we will learn how to make a beautiful Pattern Peacock Embroidery Designs . With the pen, erasable scratch in 6 leaf molds and felt secure in the frame. Sharp chemanthyedge with orange sequins and the orange line merged. Present at the meat of each leaf a sequin and Pearl. Cut and set aside. Scratch a leaf mold. At one end of the scratch sheet circle missing each other to be a bit.Embroider everything in chemanthy point with sequin purple being the body (leaf) Green merged and the head (circle) in blue. In the Center of each part apply the sequin arrested for a Pearl. Cut and set aside. In a stem and leaves scratch towel to taste. Embroider the leaves in shadow at the right point and outline with buttonholes.Embroider the rod sharp chain twisted. Cole previously undisclosed parties, riding the Peacock. Wait for the drying of the glue. Finally the props in the head at point behind.

Step by step Peacock Free Embroidery Pattern

Material list Peacock Designs 

Washcloth or toilet
Scrap of felt
Embroidery thread colors: Orange, green and blue merged naval merged
Irizadas bucket size 06 model spangles in colors of purple and orange.
Pearls 3 mm white or cream
Blunt needle size 24 or tip size 07
Erasable pen
Rack with adjustable size 14 or 16
Universal glue
Leaf molds and circle
Points used
Chemanthy with sequin
Shadow on right
Twisted chain
Point behind

Pattern Peacock Embroidery Designs

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  • 25 de April de 2017 at 03:38

    I really don’t know how you’re supposed to follow along and learn when you are going so fast and there is no sound and I had my speakers up full blast!


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