Free Quilt Block Star Patterns

The Pattern Square Star block showing today is very simple but very cool and beautiful. We create a star join mini-blogs 4. Grace is the color combination, and this is our choice. The material you need is: 4 squares of different color of 12X12cm; 4 squares in beige or a neutral color or a soft, as you want, plus 4 8X8cm 12X12cm square (you can find detailed sketch). Take the 4 squares of 12X12cm in beige and 4 colors. Add 1 + 1 beige color (1). Face and sew by 4 seams around the square (2). Mark two diagonals and cut (3). We have to stay square formed by 4, 1 and 1 triangle beige triangle (4) plus or minus 8X8cm. Repeat with the other colors. We started to be the mini-blog. We color in color. Rule number 1 of squares with the triangle and replace it with a beige square 8x8cm and as we saw in the scheme (5); (A square with a triangle that left the store for the next blog, we introduce you, not the part). First sew the squares up and then down (6). Planxem the seams because it will be much easier to sew (make it on each shift) and join the two parts (7); We have to keep a mini-blog as the schematic diagram (8). Do the same with the other colors. When we have the 4 mini-blogs can form the blog of Pipa. We recommend that you stand up so that the colors are balanced and contrasted. Sew the two mini-blocks and the two below (9) and join the two groups of two mini-blocks to finish the large block (10). Since you have; The result should be the default.
As you have seen is a reminder tricks that had given before, but combined in a way that the result is different from the previous ones.


The quilts are made by cutting and sewing the pieces of the chosen fabric following a step by step and that fabric is lined with a layer to get warmer. Finished the process of sewing a patchwork quilt, the last process to make is the fabric bar at the edges to give a quilt look to your quilt. This post shows the steps of how to bar the quilt and use it to cast your quilt. See the chart below and make yours right now.

Graphic Patterns Quilt Block

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