Free Crochet Baby Booties Patterns for Beginners

Handmade baby boots to give gifts to babies are easier to do than you think. If you already know some basic concepts of crochet, the following is an illustrated tutorial for you to make a pair of very cute baby shoes. They are comfortable and warm for babies’ small feet. A good idea is also to add the loops, which makes them really look like a little bit. When you need to give a special gift to a baby or if you just want to give something special to someone, you can try making these adorable little simple baby shoes for boys and girls. And as the baby grows, you can make it bigger, after all the babies grow up really fast !!!

 Here are the things you might need:

To make this beautiful shoe, which is one of the best baby shoes, you will need: crochet or wool line (for the winter season), crochet needle with thickness corresponding to the chosen lines or wool; And scissors.
Below we have some written tips on how to make this shoe and
I hope the diagrams below give you some ideas. Will we try?

 Start by following the chart below. You must make 11 chains and 3 chains to rotate. Make a high point in each chain, and when you reach the end, make 4 higher points in the last chain (resulting in 5 high points in the last chain). And follow the work by putting a high point on each chain, as done previously, when you reach the last chain, make another 4 points and join the career with a low. Climb 3 chains to start the 2nd row and place 1 high point on each chain. When you reach the corner, place 2 high points on each of the 5 high points on the bottom line. Continue to place 1 high point on the high point on the straight side, and when you reach the other curve, place 2 high points on each high point of the bottom line; And start a career with a low. Climb 3 chains to start 3rd race. Place 1 high point on each high point of the straight part and in the curve place 2 high points; And start a career with a low




Then start the 4th row with 3 strings, but now you should only put a high point in 1 high point, so that it starts to take the form of a slipper. And do 3 lines that way, only 1 high point in 1 high point of the bottom row.

Then finish the white line and match the colored line. Go up 1 round to start the career and make a low on each high point of the bottom row. And make another career with the lows of the white line.



Now count twenty points at one end and follow the chart below to make the bottom of your foot. Make 20 high points, go back in this part of the job taking two high points together, to “close” the instep. Come back again by taking two high points together again. And in the last race make 1 high point on each point of the low career, to finish. Get the line.

“Then tie the colored line on the instep and climb 8 rows high to make the tongue of the sneaker. Get the line. And then, tie the colored line in the “body” of the tennis and make a career of low and the rest of the rows with high point, until reaching the same height of the language of the tennis.




To finish off your crochete baby shoes, make a long rope and go back 1 low on each chain. Trance in front of the shoe. And it’s ready!

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